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New Year's Intentions

We are already into the second week of 2015, and I have not set any New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions have come to seem like a very meaningless exercise to me as they are so often unfulfilled. Coming across a writing prompt called “New Year’s Intentions” seems much more likely to inspire me to try things out a new way. I can state an intent without feeling the same feeling of inevitable failure that making a resolution seems to bring me.
Last year, during the summer, I had every intention of keeping my blog going on a regular basis. I even came up with a schedule for what I would write each month. Somewhere along the way, I mislaid the schedule and other, seemingly more pressing matters began to get my attention. Recently, I began thinking back to a time in my life when I blogged daily, sometimes more than once, and wondered how on earth I ever found the time to do such a thing. At that time, blogging was much more of a personal exercise for me, detailing not only the details of my life, but details of painful personal growth that as I have grown older, I have been less willing to share with the World Wide Web.
Discretion is not a bad thing indeed, however my daily writing practice of course suffered as a result. As time went by, it simply became easier not to think about it at all, and to proudly announce to myself periodically, “I have a life! I don’t have time for this!”  It now occurs to me that having a life is precisely the reason I should be blogging. Not just to share the wonderful details of little ‘ole me with the world, but to bring the very perspective I have spent time and introspection honing to another audience. And yes, to get those writing chops back up to speed.

Setting an intention is not about delivering a “Must do or die” exercise to one’s self, but to create an atmosphere for one’s self in which that intention may be carried out. Words like “should” and “must” do seem to create a gloomy air of my old Catholic school guilt, and the afore-mentioned inevitable failure. With that in mind, I now set an intention for the New Year: To blog once a week, and to share this with you all, for better or worse. I shall see you here again soon!

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christian louboutin on Wednesday, November 02, 2016 2:17 AM
It now occurs to me that having a life is precisely the reason I should be blogging.
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Aashi on Sunday, August 13, 2017 4:45 PM
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