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H is for Hecate

As many of you are aware, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel holds an annual Festival of Hecate ritual. I have been a bit behind this week with school keeping me much too busy (see previous post), so I have for you something I wrote that was inspired by one year's Hecate ritual. In this writing, Hecate tells the story of the abduction of Persephone from her point of view. I hope you enjoy it!

I was in my cave, contemplating the depth and darkness of it all when I heard the Maiden’s screams. By the time I emerged from within, the ground had already swallowed the Kore up, Hades taking Her down into His dark realm.

Art and Ritual in Art Creation

I was recently asked, along with a group of other artists, by Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts, to describe what kinds of rituals do I use when sitting down to create, if I used anything to set the mood, any special music, and so forth. The array of answers was fascinating as artists shared what rituals they use, if any, ranging from artists who just plunge in and begin working to others who need meditation and other tools to begin.
For me, the art making process itself is ritual. The studio is my sacred space, where I am free to create and follow where my inspiration leads.