Myth and Wonder - The Visionary Art of Helena Domenic
The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot

The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot deck and book are great for newcomers to the Tarot and experienced readers alike!  The deck is reflective of my world, hence the name, "The Fellowship of the Fool." It is also reflective of the world we live in now - a multicultural world in which people of all kinds take on all kinds of roles! 

The images on the cards reflect a traditional story telling model while giving you the tools to guide your own life. The book has a very common sense, down to earth approach; easy to understand for the beginner and and enjoyable for the more advanced student. 

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The traditional Tarot deck is composed of two parts: The Major Arcana (0r greater secrets) and the Minor Arcana (the lesser secrets). Below are the twenty-two images from the Major Arcana, to give you a feel for the deck as a whole.