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A Poem and Some Work in Progress

I have been working on a Self-Portrait as part of my Magical Women series. I ran into a little bit of artist's block during the Fall when I became VERY busy with school and did not have time to pay attention to my own work. Working on the self portrait has enabled me to get back in touch with my own personal spiritual practice (as anyone who reads this blog knows, art is a huge part of my spiritual practice) and back on track with making art and making progress on other projects. Whew, long sentence.

I wanted to also write about what the painting means to me and the symbolism within it, and when I began to think about it, it came out as poetry. The painting remains in progress, but I do promise to share the finished product, even as I don't often share things here in progress, I will do so today. 

So here is the poem:

Self Portrait with Isis and Nepthys

Have always been here
Even when I did not feel their presence.
The twins:
One standing at the foot of my bed
The other at my head
To watch, to protect, to guide.
As a child, I thought they were just angels
Their wings unfolding in the infinite
At the same time enfolding me
Sheltering me through sadness, joy, despair, true love
The sister goddesses
One bright, the other cloaked in darkness
One easily seen
One silent, more veiled then I could know
Both whispering to me and hearing my own fevered dreams
How did they know
I needed more then one?
How did they know
Part of me is so obviously seen and
Another part obscured from vision?
How did they know to find me
When I did not know to call them?
One comes in a golden sun barque brighter then brilliance;
The other pads in so softly like
Fog, like clouds, like a shapeshifting form in the dark.
I too have shape shifted
I re-invent myself again and again
The Winged Lion, the symbol of my city of birth
The Wolf, the bringer of teachings and teachers and students
The Lotus, half on land, half in water
Just like me,
Just like Them: Isis and Nepthys,
Walking Between the Worlds.

And here is the art, as yet unfinished, but on it's way.....

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