Fuse carries the best brands in audio, lighting, video and LED that the industry has Ƶoffer. You can take your production, your tour, your live broadcast, or your specialty event Ƶthe next level. We offer service focused technology with state of the art equipment and in-house technical support Ƶexecute any production no matter the size.
Panic Image Combo Left 1408 X 1094


From just a couple of tiles and processing Ƶover 2000 tiles with screens control for over 100 concurrent users, we have you covered.
Roe Visual Sapphire 1 5
LED Tiles

ROE Visual Sapphire 1.5

The ROEVisual Sapphire product is the highest resolution available from ROEVisual. The sapphire LED features16:9 display options and native 4K display.

Roe Visual Black Pearl 2
LED Tiles

ROE Visual Black Pearl 2

ROEVisual Black Pearl 2 is the smallest pitch available for this award winning HD LED displays for indoor designs.

Roe Visual Black Pearl 3
LED Tiles

ROE Visual Black Pearl 3

ROEVisual Black Pearl 3 is part of the award winning indoor LED panels. Black Pearl features broadcast grade LED that has been featured on some of your favorite shows.

Roe Visual Carbon 3
LED Tiles

ROE Visual Carbon 3

ROEVisual Carbon 3 is currently the smallest pixel product in the lineup for all your lightweight touring LED needs. With it's unique attaching mechanisms you can even curve it for extra creativity.

Roe Visual Carbon 8
LED Tiles

ROE Visual Carbon 8

This is one of our premier touring LED products. Seen on multiple tours, it offers quick setup and strike, being easy Ƶhang or stack. CB8 is the economical choice for all your touring needs.

Roe Visual Vanish 18
LED Tiles

ROE Visual Vanish 18

The ROE Visual Vanish 18 is one of the hottest products on the market. Highlights include daytime use, 50% transparency, easy setup and strike.

Roe Visual Black Marble 4
LED Tiles

ROE Visual Black Marble 4

This is a high end floor panel available with a high contrast glass finish. Recently featured on the MTV Music Awards.

Roe Visual Linx 9m
LED Tiles

ROE Visual Linx 9M

Thin, lightweight, with magnetic assembly, this LED is virtually transparent with wide viewing angles. Featured in King Kong on Broadway

Fuse Strips
LED Strips

FUSE Strip

The Fuse Strip is a creative LED element favored by lighting designers. It's a great addition Ƶall your lighting projects.

Brompton Tessera Sx40 Processor
LED Processing

Brompton Tessera Sx40 Processor

The Brompton SX40 features Bromptons highest capacity processor with support for 4K screens at 60Hz and 12 bits of color.

Brompton Tessera M2 Processor
LED Processing

Brompton Tessera M2 Processor

The flagship of the Brompton line of processing. The creative and color management features are unmatched. The M2 can take multiple resolutions and formats and output Ƶvarying pixel pitches.

Brompton Tessera S4 Processor
LED Processing

Brompton Tessera S4 Processor

With full HD support the Brompton S4 offers more value with a smaller feature set compared other Brompton processors while outputting up Ƶ2.1 million pixels with adjustments for global brightness & gamma and On Screen Color Adjustment.

Brompton Tessera Xd 10g Fiber Data Distribution
LED Processing

Brompton Tessera XD 10G Fiber Data Distribution

The XD 10G is a single box solution designed and built for the challenges of running Large LED walls.

Fuse Strip Pdb Brompton
LED Processing

Fuse strip PDB Brompton

Brompton processing for Fuse Strips

Roe Visual Evision Hd102 Led Processor
LED Processing

ROE Visual Evision HD102 LED Processor

This processor provides creative mapping settings, good image quality and can link several together for larger images.

Colorlight Z6 4k Super Controller
LED Processing

Colorlight Z6 4K Super Controller

The Colorlight Z6 Super Controller is a video splicer, sender and processor all in one, featuring 4K input UHD and HDR image processing.

Roevisual Air Frame
LED Accessories

ROEVisual Air Frame

The ROEVisual air frame is the pinnacle of frames for hanging, stacking and transporting LED. The lightweight frame attaches Ƶeach tile and allows for quick setup and strikes.

Roevisual Cb5
LED Tiles

ROEVisual CB5

ROEVisual Carbon 5 the 5mm version of indoor/outdoor lightweight LED Carbon series. CB5 features the highest brightness of 6,000 nits in the series.

Roe Vanish V8 High Transparency Led Panel

Roe Vanish V8

Roe Vanish V8 features transparency of 60% with excellent viewing angles and high brightness. Highest pixel pitch of all Roe Vanish at 8mm

Rack Overview

Servers and Creative Screens Control

Using our multitude of servers and high res switching systems, we can pixel map single, large, or multiple surfaces in any configuration.
UHD Flypack for concert touring and corporate shows

UHD Flypack

Our UHD Flypack consist of a 140x140 12G Utah Router and 12G Carbonite Ultra 2M/E Switcher paired with Panasonic UC-4000 12g 4K Camera System.

Hd Flypack
HD Flypack

HD Flypack

Our HD Flypack are 3G compatible. Based around a 140x140 Utah 3G router and 2M/E Carbonite Black Switcher. The system supports up Ƶ8 SMPTE Fiber camera’s internally.

Spyder X80 Hi Res Switching System
Video Switching

Spyder X80 Hi-Res Switching System

Our High Res Screens Control and Switching systems are 2x 32 input 4k Christie Sypder X80 Paired with a 64x64 Extron HDMI 2.0 Router. Built Ƶhelp Serve Large Large High Resolution Video Systems.

Barco E2
Video Switching

Barco E2

Barco E2 switching systems can serve very high resolution screens and are configurable Ƶmeet the video standard of any particular project.

Carbonite Carbonite rental at Fuse Technical Group
Video Switching

Ross Carbonite

We carry both the 3g Ross Carbonite Black and 12g Ross Carbonite Ultra frames. All our frames are 2M/E Switchers. We carry both the 2S and 1S panels depending on the size requirements of the consoles.

Barco S3
Video Switching

Barco S3

The Barco S3 is the little brother of the E2. Capable of 1 4K output it can manipulate a large image with low latency.

FORM Festival 2019 Fuse Technical Group Projection Mapping with Klip Collective

Video Projectors

Projection can be so much more than just IMAG or basic slide presentations. Imagine turning a ballroom or arena inƵone large immersive space! With projection mapping, the venue walls become your canvas, turning the entire space inƵanything you can imagine.
Barco Udx 4k32
4K Laser Projector

Barco UDX-4k32

Barco's 4K 31K Lumen DLP Laser Video Projector outputs 31,000 lumens with the widest color spectrum in the industry.

Panasonic Pt Rq32ku
4K Laser Projector

Panasonic PT-RQ32KU

Panasonic PT-RQ32KU 32K DLP Laser Video Projector is the perfect projector for large venues featuring 4K output at 27,000 Lumens. Outputs at up Ƶ5120x3200 pixels with multiple input signals.

Panasonic Pt Rz31k
2K Laser Projector

Panasonic PT-RZ31K

The Panasonic PT-RZ31K features a 3 DLP chip projection system with an output of 6,912,000 pixels with WUXGA resolution output. Of note is the Solid Shine Laser output and Digital Link single cable solution.

Panasonic Pt Rz21ku
2K Laser Projector

Panasonic PT-RZ21KU

The Panasonic PT-RZ21KU features lamp free laser projection with a 3 chip DLP 21K WUXGA output.

Panasonic Pt Rz12ku
2K Laser Projector

Panasonic PT-RZ12KU

The Panasonic PT-RZ12KU laser projector is a 3 chip DLP 12K WUXGA projector that shines with lamp free projection.

Panasonic PT-RZ120 laser projector is a 1-Chip DLP WUXGA projector that shines with lamp free projection.

Panasonic PT-RZ120 laser projector

Panasonic PT-RZ120 laser projector is a 1-Chip DLP WUXGA projector that shines with lamp free projection.

Led Technology Hero


From touring Ƶcorporate shows, Fuse provides the gear and technicians Ƶmake your show look spectacular.
Ma Lighting Grandma3 Full
Lighting Control

MA Lighting GrandMA3 Full

The new GrandMA3 Full features a refined interface and re-imagines what a lighting control platform can do.

Ma Lighting Grandma2 Full
Lighting Control

MA Lighting GrandMA2 Full

The workhorse of lighting consoles. Built with quality components, easy connectivity and quiet efficient button access.

Hes Hog 4 Lighting Console
Lighting Control

HES Hog 4 Lighting Console

Designed for concert tours, the Hog 4 is the workhorse of multi console setups. The 4 features the latest tech while keeping familiar controls from earlier generations.

Glp Fr10 Bar
Lighting Fixtures

GLP FR10 Bar

The FR10 Bar contains 10 sources with color that matches GLP X4 and FR series. The FR10 produces flat sheets of light along with solid beams of light.

Elation Z120 Zoom Wash Led
Lighting Fixtures

Elation Z120 Zoom/Wash LED

The Z120 features RGBW color mixing, 7-55 degree wide motorized zoom range, variable dimming curves, remote device management and flicker free operation for TV and Film.

Robe Bmfl Followspot Camera
Lighting Fixtures

Robe BMFL Followspot w/ Camera

The new Robospot System is composed of motion and regular cameras with a base station Ƶprovide remote control of the Followspots. These are designed for large venues with long throw distances.

Elation Monet image
Lighting Fixtures

Elation Monet

The Elation Monet offers great projection quality, along with a SpectraColor engine that provides a wide color mixing array. The Monet delivers over 45,000 total lumens and is a fixture on tours around the world.


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